Baritone Ukulele Scales: PDF Charts & Diagrams for 14 Scale Types

One of the biggest challenges with learning the baritone ukulele is familiarizing yourself with the fretboard. This is almost always done with scales.

A scale is a family of notes that sound pleasing together. Their relationship between each other gives a tonal feel to the music.

By choosing to play one scale or another you can control the feel of a song and how consonant or disturbing to the ear your notes are.

Baritone Ukulele Scale Collection

In my Baritone Ukulele Scales Collection you’ll find 14 types of scales presented in high-resolution PDF files. Each scale type is grouped together into 12 pages – one for each key (except for repeating scales like whole tone and diminished).

With a scale chart it’s easy to see where each note falls on the fretboard. The diagram is a simple representation of the ukulele on a page with a grid for strings and frets. Note dots are shown between the lines for finger placement. The are two versions of each scale. One shows the name of the note inside the dot, the other the scale degree of the note (how it’s related to the key). In this way you have a complete picture of how to use the scale in a musical situation.

Files included in the download:

  • Read Me – How to Learn Scales
  • Major (Ionian Mode)
  • Minor (Aeolian Mode)
  • Major Pentatonic
  • Minor Pentatonic
  • Blues
  • Dorian Mode
  • Phrygian Mode
  • Lydian Mode
  • Mixolydian Mode
  • Locrian Mode
  • Harmonic Minor
  • Melodic Minor
  • Diminished (Whole-Half)
  • Whole Tone

In addition to the diagrams, I’ve created a Read Me guide to using and learning scales on the baritone ukulele. This has examples of effective ways to navigate the fretboard and ideas for memorization and more.

Get the Scales!

laptop with ukulele
  • 14 scale types
  • A guidebook
  • Over 150 pages

All in all, the Baritone Ukulele Scales Collection includes almost 38MB of content! It’s a lot. And unless you play some really weird music, it will show you every scale you’ll ever need.

Download the PDFs!